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The Rx Project
Enabling medical professionals to reach the patients that need them most

The Rx Project
We are engineers & designers. We enable medical professionals to reach the people that need them most. 

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About Us

Our belief is that a single discipline is not going to cure disease or solve intricate healthcare issues. It will inevitably be a collaboration between doctors, engineers, scientists, architects, and interdisciplinary fields. It is only through this collaboration that we can manifest the prescription (℞) for the advancement of healthcare.  

Our core competency resides at the intersection of engineering, technology, healthcare, data science and marketing. Though experts in our domains, we are, more importantly, united by our mission to improve the healthcare experience for providers and patients, alike.



What We Do

At The Rx Project, we utilize data and advanced tools to enable medical professionals to better reach the patients that need them most. while We focus on digital content and craft patient experiences, healthcare professionals can go back to the true roots of providing health care. 

We believe in 3 guiding principles for today's healthcare digital landscape:

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Start With ThE patient

Patients are everything. Understanding your environment and demographics is crucial. Why patients are drawn to one medical practice over another is of utmost importance when developing a market strategy. We specialize at looking, in-depth, at your data metrics and developing a brand position that ensures the sustainable acquisition of new patients and revenues by understanding key drivers.

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Simplify Patient Experience

Everything we craft is done with meticulous care and strategic planning in order to make the final user process simple and elegant for patients.  Faced with so many obstacles already, patients appreciate simplicity. We strive to make every digital interaction with your medical practice as pleasant and intuitive as possible for patients via your website, appointment bookings, and mobile pages.

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Create Social COmmunity

Historically, medical companies would connect with patients via mail, phone, or web. Today, the dialogue has shifted to mobile sites, interactive web pages, and social forums that reach many more individuals. We craft healthcare strategies and marketing campaigns targeted specifically via social media to help medical practices take a more active, engaged role in managing individuals’ health.

our vision 

We are creating the building blocks for broadly useful health platforms, starting with targeted efforts in healthcare issues that affect large populations.

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Connect With Us

We used to think the world was flat, until teams of pioneers discovered new lands and pushed the boundaries of knowledge. We're at a similar turning point with health and disease: we now have the advanced tools and technologies to explore health in greater depth and detail than previously imaginable.

New technology can help clinicians with more accurate analysis, and ultimately get faster treatment to the patients who need it most. We’re committed to working with those on the frontline of healthcare to build technological solutions to these problems. 

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